Possible Medicinal uses for Marshmallow herb

Some people have experienced benefit from the following uses of marshmallow. It can be a very soothing, anti inflammatory herb that has a wide range of uses. Taken internally, marshmallow tea can be used to soothe respiratory tract irritations due to things like bronchitis, colds and coughs. It has also been known to be helpful with digestive and urinary tract inflammations.

Externally, you can make a poultice with the root which can soothe dry, chapped, or itchy skin. It has also been known to be of benefit for cuts, scrapes and minor burns.

The parts you would use are the leaves, or roots that are at least 2 years old.

*(These claims are not approved by the food and drug administration, and this information is not intended to treat your symptoms and replace a regular doctors care. Please always consult your physician first.)